1: Starting from the concept of fashion, using curvaceous design to create an outdoor fitness feeling. Let people feel the outdoor atmosphere in a comfortable space.

2: During the application of lighting equipment, different color temperatures are used to create lighting different levels and protruding area distribution.

3: From the safety point of view, the self-weight area uses 4000K nature white , which does not affect potential safety hazards during large-scale activities.

4 : Curved customized decorative lights are used in the running area in combination with the space, so that the lights and the space can be combined to use same 4000K color temperature.

5: The lighting mode of the spinning bike room adopts the bar mode. The magic lights that chase and change color from the wall are combined with the profiles to merge with the wall. Synchronize the music and let the light follow the music. Let people feel the dynamic progress of the overall space during exercise