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Using regular high efficacy panel light to make the anchor makeup more stereo by matching the whole indoor environment with the broadcasting rigid light and reflector.



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European Waterproof Panel Light 3


  • Led panel light mainly adopts unique optical design. The light, after going through the light guide plate, produces an even and flat lighting effect, without dark area.Light efficiency>100LM/W.
  • Using high quality constant current driver, conversion efficiency up to 95%, low power consumption, thus higher efficiency.
  • Stable performance: light guide material using pure MMA monomer casting, transparency up to 98%, The production can control the stability quality of product from the source, to ensure the consistent performance of each batch of product;
  • Pure aluminum frame, diversified surface treatment appeals to various application environment.
  • Unique frame design, no accessories are needed for recessed installation, cost-saving.
  • High light efficiency, energy-saving: high brightness, high transmittance over 90% 6.7. 8.
  • Green and environmentally-friendly: no IR, no UV, no thermal effect, no flicker, no hazardous materials.
  • Bright and even: bright light covers the surface evenly, wider beam angle.
  • Ultra-thin and super-light: professional structure and appearance design, ultra-thin, beautiful.Stable and durable: 50000 H life time, 50 times that of filament lamp, and 10 times that of energy-saving lamp, save much maintenance and replacement cost.


  • input voltage:AC 200~240V
  • CRI: >80
  • Certificates:CE.RoHS
  • IP rating:IP65
  • Operation temperature range:-20℃to+50℃
  • Storage temperature range:-30℃to+60℃
  • Color:White/Warm white
  • Power: 36W
  • Lifetime: >50000H
  • CCT:2500~4000K(WW)、4000~7000K(W)


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