Basic parameters

Rated voltage: 12~24v
Rated current: <4A
working environment: moisture-proof ventilation -20 ~ 60 degrees environment
Temperature resistance: -40-160℃

Base parameters

Shell: Polycarbonate
Contact chip: Environmentally hardware material,high-precision copper
Rated voltage: 0-36V
Rated current: 5A

Base parameters

Shell: Polycarbonate
Contact conductor: high-precision pure copper
Rated voltage: 0-36V
Rated current: 9A
Flame retardant rating: accord with UL-94-V0


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Beijing Volvo 4S shop using a large number of hidden auxiliary lighting, outdoor use the strip lights as decorative lighting, show the outline the three-dimensional of outline. indoor use the Lezun series linear lig hting to create a high-quality light environment and Upgrade the brand.



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FP05W-P5-G1 28AS9x 24VT70S W10L40 NILED


  • Under constant current condition, brightness output is more stable, life is longer.
  • High brightness consistency between different units and batches, more suitable for large projects.
  • Supply fed at one end, the length can reach 100m, more convenient to install and use.


  • Size:40020±10mm
  • Cutting unit:100±1mm
  • Power:4.8W/m
  • Voltage:DC24V
  • LED type:70LEDs/M
  • PCB:13mm
  • CRI:>90
  • IP:IP65
Product No. FP05W-P5-G1 28AS9x 24VT70S W10L40 NILED
2200K 500lm
2400K 520lm
2700K 530lm
3000K 540lm
4000K 560lm
5000K 550lm
6000K 550lm
Product No. Order Code
FP05W-P5-G1 28AS927 24VT70S W10L40 NILED 932-5-10-0-000121
FP05W-P5-G1 28AS930 24VT70S W10L40 NILED 932-5-10-0-000122
FP05W-P5-G1 28AS940 24VT70S W10L40 NILED 932-5-10-0-000123
FP05W-P5-G1 28AS950 24VT70S W10L40 NILED 932-5-10-0-000124
FP05W-P5-G1 28AS960 24VT70S W10L40 NILED 932-5-10-0-000125
Note: ' ' =MTO(make-to-order)


Installation Instruction

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